Research on Twins


Dear Fellow Astrologers,

(And other avid astrology hobbyists). I’d like to make this post a “thread” to discuss findings on the astrology of twins. If you are reading this in facebook or in some other place besides my actual blog, please try to put your MUCH WANTED comments on the original post (here) so that they are all in one place and don’t get overlooked.

I’m going to start the thread with the following observation – and I would like to ask you to see if you can verify / modify it based on the charts of twins that you have in your possession. Please specify if the charts you are referring to are sidereal or tropical, and specify the house system they use. (For your reference I always use sidereal zodiac and whole-sign houses, unless otherwise specified).

To start… I have two charts of twins.. in both…

  • The 3rd House ruler (representing siblings) is in an oscillating (“dual”) sign
  • Mars (representing siblings) is in an oscillating (“dual”) sign
  • In the D-3 (drekkan, or 3rd harmonic chart, representing siblings) the ascendant is an oscillating sign.
  • The ruler of the 3rd House from the Moon is in an oscillating sign.

If you have charts of twins please if appropriate post the birth data with names removed and give your comments on relevant features. If you ARE a twin, please comment with your birth date, time and location!