What is Astrology all About?


An astrological chart is a blueprint of your “karma”.

Lot’s of people use the word karma, but honestly most of them don’t understand what it means. Karma is not “destiny.” Karma includes destiny, that’s true, but it also includes something else: freewill.

Destiny refers to things that will happen to us, regardless of our efforts to obtain or avoid them. Freewill, on the other hand, refers to our freedom to make conscious choices about our life. Most people think these two are opposites. They aren’t. They are two sides of the same reality.

One side of that coin is that we have freewill. The other side of the coin says, “with freedom comes responsibility.” The universe doesn’t grant us freedom without holding us responsible for how we use it! Destiny is how Mother Nature holds us responsible for what we do. Thus destiny is the child of freewill. Freewill is the mother of destiny!

That’s karma – a “yin yang” symbol where the white side is freewill and the black side is destiny.

I make a choice. Mother Nature holds me responsible for it. If it was an enlightened choice, I earn rewarding and enjoyable destiny. But if it was a selfish choice, ignorant of my greater identity, I earn difficult destiny, challenging me to improve such choices in the future. Thus karma is factually the catalyst of enlightenment.

The universe itself, “Mother Nature,” enforces the law of karma. The Earth, sky, constellations and planets are her limbs. Their positions at the time of my birth can be read by the science of astrology, like reading the hands on the face of a clock. The astrological chart of these positions is a blueprint of my karma. Reading that blueprint correctly, I can understand what destinies will manifest in my life as a result of how I used my freewill in countless previous incarnations.

What’s the point of astrology? The point is to not suffer from your karma! Astrology allows us to contemplate and understand the total picture of our karma, and thus allow karma to be what it is meant to be: a catalyst of personal evolution. The purpose of a reading is to help us make the best new free choices in this life, and thus create the brightest future for ourselves, now and forever.



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