Eclipses Around 2012


In this post I want to briefly explore the interesting topic of the eclipses in the vicinity of 12.21.2012. They are fairly interesting for a few reasons…

  • Some of them involve the Sun or Moon being exalted or debilitated during the eclipse
  • Some of them involve in interesting aspect pattern, placing a single planet as the focal point of a lot of astrological energy
  • Many of them are connected in some important way to exalted Saturn.


Wow! Imagine the hooplah if this was 2012 instead of 2010. Or maybe we are misinterpreting the mayan calendar by two years???

This eclipse is a little fascinating because…

  • It actually occurs on the winter solstice (12.21), and no other eclipse in this window of years surrounding 2012 does.
  • Mars is a big part of the eclipse (being with the Sun and Rahu)
  • It involves Sagittarius (home of Sun, Rahu, Mars and Mercury, who disposits the Gemini Moon). I always equate Sagittarius with the USA in mundane (non-living) astrology, because Sagittarius is the sidereal rising sign of the United States.
  • It has an interesting aspect pattern in which the Sun’s dispositor (Jupiter) is the focal point


This one is quite interesting because

  • The moon is exalted during this eclipse
  • There is an awful lot of energy focused on Mars in the Sun’s Leo
  • Jupiter (residing in Mars’ Aries) is opposite exalted Saturn.


Here is yet another interesting eclipse, but please not that this is not a total eclipse, but a partial one.

Some interesting points:

  • Moon is debilitated during the eclipse
  • Mars once again is the focal point of the astrological energy
  • Mars disposits the Moon and is in the sign of the Sun.
  • Jupiter, Ketu, Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in Leo.


This eclipse is quite close to the fabled 12.21.2012 date. I have heard people saying that the Sun is going to release “killer nutrinos” on this date, or some type of extreme solar activity. I think people forget that Eclipses are only relevant to people on the Earth. They don’t actually affect any physical planets in outer space. So if an eclipse caused solar flares or whatever it would be illogical as far as I understand the universe.

Some interesting points about this eclipse:

  • The Sun is debilitated during this eclipse. Quite interesting because half a year earlier, the Moon was debilitated during an eclipse, and about a year earlier the Moon was exalted during an eclipse.
  • Saturn is exalted in the same sign as the eclipse.


This would be the first total eclipse after the fabled 12.21.2012 date.

  • Sun is exalted during the eclipse
  • 5 planets are in Aries: Sun & Moon (the eclipse itself), Ketu, Mars, and Mercury.
  • All five planets are opposed by exalted Saturn with Rahu


Let’s leave out partial eclipses and stick with only total ones. First we have a Lunar eclipse with an exalted Moon (12.10.2011). Following that we have a Solar eclipse with a debilitated Sun (11.14.2012). And following that we have a Solar eclipse with an exalted Sun (5.10.2013).

The 2013 eclipse has so many planets in Aries (the starting point of the zodiac) opposed by exalted Saturn… it seems like quite a “restarting” eclipse.

In general my feelings about 2012 are more thoroughly explained in the second half of this post, which began as a movie review. In the context of that I’d additionally speculate that this 2013 eclipse looks like the indication of a new global direction forming after previous major difficulties.

– Vic DiCara