Ardra – Lunar Mansion of “the Tear”

Ardra – The Wet

I translate Ardra as “The Wet.” In fact, Vedic astrology symbolizes this mansion with the image of a teardrop. This mansion is a place whose floors are damp, slippery and wet with tears.

The Vedic deity who empowers this mansion is Rudra – the god of wailing and howling storms. Again the imagery comes of wetness and wailing. Clearly this mansion is not often the first pick on a list of “vacation spots” to visit. But then again if it weren’t for mansions like Ardra we would never put in the hard work needed to make the money it takes to visit a really nice vacation spot. So realize that this nakshatra is all about the effort it takes to grow in a new direction, and to thus finally and significantly improve your experience of life.

The planet who owns this mansion is the turbulent and chaotic Rahu. Rahu is a force of  upheaval and distress, yes – but Rahu is absolutely essential for the process of bringing about progress and change. Rahu influences this mansion to be a place where we can leave behind dead things – dead ideas, outlooks, attachments, and emotions – cry a bit over the parting, and then finally move on to better destinations. Under the influence of this mansion, this is exactly what you should be doing with at least some important areas of your life.

In the solar zodiac you would find Ardra as the bright star Betelgeuse in Orion, which is also within the front section of Gemini. Since Mercury owns Gemini he contributes his energies to the foundation of this mansion. The combination of revolutionary Rahu with intellectual Mercury causes this mansion to be the home of powerful new thoughts and ideas, which may be troubling at first, or difficult to fully comprehend.

In conclusion, the best way to understand the mansion of Ardra is to think of it as a composting place for making fertilizer. Here the tears of deep and turbulent emotions mix with the dead organic matter of things that we have to lay to rest. The combination of the two creates great fertilizer, and out of that fertilizer grows a revolutionary new understanding of life.

– Vic DiCara