The Nine Planets

The 9 Planets as a Unit

It all starts with the Sun and Moon. The Sun is the light of consciousness at the center of it all – so the Sun is the core of our identity: our “ego” or “soul.” The Sun reflects off the Moon into the darkness of night. So the Moon is full of the emotions that arise from our consciousness. She is our “mind.” Together, the Sun and Moon form our internal self.

Next are the two forces that cause the internal self to transform – to become material and return eventually to being spiritual. These two forces are the northern and southern nodes: Rahu & Ketu. Rahu causes the inner self transform towards the external world, while Ketu causes the external self to transform towards the inner world.

Our inner self wants to be a physical reality, and Rahu causes that to happen. On the path to that goal, the first planet who manifests is Mercury – who constitutes the bridge between the inner self and the outer self, and thus becomes the agent allowing communication and exchange over that bridge. He is known as the “intellect.” The bridge of Mercury reaches from the inner mind of the Moon to it’s destination: Venus – who constitutes the instruments by which we are able to interact with the world: our senses, and thus becomes the agent promoting everything favorable and pleasant about sensual experience.

With an intellect (Mercury) and senses (Venus), we are now ready to be born and begin our actual life. The Earth itself (represented astrologically by the “Ascendant”) is where our birth and life take place. But once we are born, we discover that we have to work hard to fulfill our ambitions. Thus we manifest Mars – who constitutes the energy by which we can pursue those ambitions. Ambition is a dangerous thing that easily devolves into greed and causes anger, hatred, violence and war – all classic trademarks of Mars.

But now we begin our upward or inward journey! To start that journey, Jupiter comes to the rescue. Jupiter constitutes our inner guide and voice of wisdom who guides our ambitions over moral and ethical paths to attaining their fulfillment. But the upward journey is far from complete without Saturn, the force of realism who bluntly shows us the futility and stupidity of our tiny material ambitions by confronting us with time itself, the mother of old age and death, and grief. If we embrace the lessons of Saturn, we return to our blissful inner self; if we fight those lessons, we suffer.

– Vic DiCara