Ganesha and Astrology

Ganesha. Patron God of Astrologers

Ganesha is considered the patron god of astrologers. His special power is that he gives obstacles to bad things and removes obstacles to good things. When we astrologers attempt to read a horoscope for a person’s benefit, we need to be empowered or “blessed” by Ganesha so that he will put obsticles to our ignorance and stupidity and will facilitate and remove obstacles from our clarity, intellect, and foresight.

This why Ganesha is the patron god of astrologers.

However it is popular to make out that Ganesha is the *only* god of Astrology, and this is untrue. Each planet is also a God. And we astrologers develop a relationship with all of them so that they help us do good and accurate readings. Each planetary God also has an overseeing deity, and ultimately each planet manifests one of the 9 incarnations of Vishnu, the ultimate God of the entire Material Universe.

“Ete camsa kala pumsha, krishnas tu bhagavan svayam” in Sakskrit means that Vishnu is the manifestation of the ultimate Godhead, Sri Krishna. So we particularly wish to have Sri Krishna’s blessings so that we can really clearly understand the divine and extremely esoteric science and art of astrology.

– Vic DiCara