6th House – Challenges

The Sixth House

The “6th House” is the area of sky below the Western horizon. To understand the significance of this house, let’s first briefly explain the significance of the Western horizon. The Western horizon is opposite from the Eastern horizon. While the Eastern horizon represents your self the Western horizon represents your partner. The East represents you. The West represents others. The East is where the Sun, stars and planets rise and thus represents birth. The West is where everything sets and disappears and thus represents death.

Now the 6th House is not the Western horizon itself, but is the area just beneath it. It is the part of the sky that is under the Western horizon, holding it up and supporting it.  Bearing that in mind, you can understand everything about the 6th House: The 6th House supports everything indicated by the “West.” Thus the essential meanings of this house are:

  • Challenges & Enemies. The 6th House supports other people, not yourself. It is thus the place of challenges and enemies – things which are advantageous to others but not to yourself.
  • Illness. The 6th House supports death, not life. It is thus the place of illness.

Understanding these primary meanings, you can realize all the corollary meanings of this house. For example:

  • Digestion. Since the 6th house is a place of illness, it pertains to your ability or disability to digest food – because from improper digestion of food one becomes malnourished and ill.
  • Negotiation & Litigation. Since the 6th house supports other people who challenge you and act as your enemy, it is therefore the focal point for negotiations and litigations – where we try to achieve a fair balance between supporting ourself and supporting others.
  • Chores & Work. The 6th house concerns the things we do out of our duty to support the other people in our life: daily chores, housework, and “9 to 5” salary work.


  1. Tarun says:

    6th House is the House of Sickness, Condition of the Disease (Acute or Chronic), Diagnosis of Disease, Elimination of Disease
    There will be strong connection between people connected with medical professions with the 6th house be they doctors, nurses, midwives, dietitians, massage therapist as also with the 11th house the house of gain
    Represents Work/Job and all workers or employees at home/office/shop. People working under you, ie subordinates, their loyalty, sincerity & condition
    Also represents debt. One looks at loan prospects from the 6th house. The person giving the loan is represented from 7th house and the loan taker ie the native from the 6th house. Domestic pet animals like Cow, Buffalo, Dog, caged birds, Goat, Horse are to be seen from the 6th house Tenants are also seen from the 6th house Enemies and competitors are seen from the 6th house. Other things seen are Herbs (for ayurvedic use) dietics, food appetite, food habits, all six types of smell, dressing, cleanliness & sanitation. Food, Food habits, Variety of food the native eats, his appetite, taste are all seen from the 6th house…Different between 2nd and 6th house regarding food is in the degree. While 2nd signifies mouth &nourishment the 6th house signifies food excesses / addiction It also represents Magic, Blind faith, Worries, Annoyances


  2. vicdicara says:

    Yes, as I said, the 6th House, being the one that SUPPORTS OTHERS – represents *illness* (and conversely health). Being that it deals with illness and health, it is all about digestion, medicine, healthy eating, etc.

    Naturally, since it represents health and illness it will be connected to persons involved in the health industry.

    As I mentioned, since the 6th house SUPPORTS OTHERS – it represents our Job, work, chores, “9 to 5”

    Employes, Servants, Farm Animals & Pets, etc. are people who support others. Therefore as you noted, they are within the 6th house.

    Since the 6th is in a mirroring position to the 2nd house, it represents the opposite of it. Instead of wealth that supports us (2nd house) the 6th represents wealth that SUPPORTS OTHERS – i.e. ‘debts’.

    I am happy for your comment on this post, but it represents the kind of astrological writing that I feel poses a great challenge to the intellectual and intelligent spread of astrological science – because it simply lists items in a disconnected fashion without understanding their common thread. Memorization of lists such as this are tiresome. Understanding of the reasons behind the items in you lists is exciting, and will allow you to intuitively organize new things you encounter and decide how and where to list them among the houses.


    1. carlos says:

      Good post Vic!


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